About the Journal

WDJHSME is a multidisciplinary journal, domiciled in the Department of Communications, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.  The journal encourages academic excellence in the dissemination of research. It welcomes and publishes well scholarly articles in the fields of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences, and Education. Articles submitted for publication are subjected to thorough editing before they are accepted for publication. The journal is divided into  the following sections:

Humanities  Section

The humanities section of the Journal focuses on, English, French, Linguistics, History and International Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music and Theatre Art.

Social and   Management   Sciences  Section

This section focuses on Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Political Science, International Relations,  Sociology, Geography & Regional Planning, Mass Communication and  Psychology

 Education Section

This section focuses on all types of education that include formal, informal, non-formal, early childhood, adult education, vocational education and higher education. 

Conference Proceedings/Workshop  Section

In the academic communities conference proceedings are a collection of academic papers published in the context of an academic conference or workshop. Conference proceedings contain the contributions made by researchers at the conference. They are written papers presented to fellow researchers at the conference. This section of the  journal publishes conference proceedings from different disciplines.

 The  Decision  of the Editors

All submitted manuscripts are screened before peer review. The criteria for withdrawing an article include general questions of quality and academic focus. However, if the editors feel that a paper cannot be accepted in its current form but can be revised as a work of publishable quality, they may offer the author the opportunity to revise it.  Contributors of rejected papers are given reasons for the rejection.

 Title   of  Paper 

Contributors should consider the title of the paper and its impact on discoverability by other scholars.


 Authors are required to provide the highest quality figures. They should combine related figures into a multi-part format that tells a complete.

  Manuscripts   Submission   Guidelines

The manuscript should not exceed 6,000 words in length, including notes and references. It should be double-spaced, excluding references and figure captions; quotations exceeding three lines should be single-spaced in an indented format. Page numbering should be consecutive throughout the manuscript.

The manuscript should be submitted including tables and figures as a single file in MS Word document file format. It should be prepared in Times New Roman, Font size 12 for the main body and 10 points for the footnotes on A4 paper size.

References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. They should be cross-referenced in the text by using the author’s last name and publication date. APA style of referencing 7th Edition and above is acceptable. The paper must be written in British English or  American English. 

The title page should contain the paper title, all authors' names and affiliations,  a short abstract of 150 to 250 words, name and institutional email address of the corresponding author.   All manuscripts  are   sent  to wajghana2080@gmail.com  

All authors are required to submit original papers that have not been published elsewhere by another journal or another publishing body.

  Article   Publication   and   Processing    Fees

 The total online publication fee is   $52  for a single author, while for more than two authors is  $62. The journal hardcopy is sent on request with a payment of  $90.

Conference   Proceedings/   Publication   Fees

 The total online Publication fee for  Conference Proceedings is as follows:   $25  for a single author, while for more than two authors is  $50.


Journal  Copyright  Policy

All copyright to the published content is retained by the author.  Articles in this journal are protected by copyright. 

  The  Open  Access   Policy  of  the Journal

This journal has open access to the published articles.  Articles published in this journal can be accessed by anybody who has an internet connection.  

Article   Preservation

The PKP Preservation Network (PN) provides free preservation services for this journal. More so, articles published in this journal are also preserved in the computer system and external hard disk.  

  The  Indexing of  the Journal

The Journal is indexed in Google Scholar currently. With time the journal articles will be indexed in some of these indexing bodies: SCOPUS, EBSCO, J-Gate, COPERNICUS and DOAJ. The Journal Management has started the process.