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DJAH is a multidisciplinary journal geared towards the promotion of excellence in theoretical research and in the spreading of research reports as an important tool for learning particularly as it concerns Humanities. It welcomes and publishes scholarly articles in English, Literature, French, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music, International Studies and Theatre  Arts.  Accepted articles are subjected to thorough peer review,  proper organisation and editing before publication. 



 l  Written articles should be in Microsoft Word using 14 font size ( Times New Roman)

2 The paper should be typed in double-line-spacing and should not exceed 15 pages on A 4-size paper.

3  Page one should contain the title of the article and a running head of not more than 40 characters, including space and a short abstract of 140 to 170 words.

4 Contributors are advised to present the manuscript in line  with any of the following styles of referencing, namely; 7th Edition of American Psychological Associations (APA) or  Modern Languages Association (MLA)

5 Short quotations, (fewer than 40 words) should appear in the body of the text with single quotation marks. Longer quotations should be indented and typed in single-line spacing without quotation marks.

6  Cover pages of the completed paper should be on a separate file. The contents should include the title of the paper, author (s) name, academic affiliation, email address and phone number.

7 DJAH  publishes articles based on the number of papers submitted. Sometimes articles can be published when the need arises.

8  All completed soft copies should be sent to dynamicjou@gmail.com

9  Contributors are advised to use  British  English.

10  DJAH welcomes articles written in Chinese, Arabic, French, Greek  and Hebrew

11 Article  Publication fee is  ₦20,000 for a single author, while for more than two authors is ₦25,000PhD Dissertation publication fee is ₦45,000Master's Thesis Publication fee is ₦35,000, and the undergraduate Project Publication fee is ₦25,000Seminar and Conference Proceedings publication fee is ₦15,000  for a single author , more than two authors is  ₦25,000. Payment is made after the acceptance of an article 

12  DJAH  articles  are  indexed  in Google  Scholar


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