Article Processing and Publication Fee

Publication   Fee

The article publication fee of this journal is used for the running expenses of the journal such as internet services, servicing of the website and uploading of articles online. As a result of this, authors are required to pay a fair article publication fee for the processing of their articles. The total online publication fee is  $50  for a single author, while for more than two authors is $60. The journal hardcopy is sent on request with a payment of a publication fee of  $80  depending on the number of pages. The journal does not request a submission fee. Authors usually make payment if such authors' article is accepted for publication.


                                  Pay Your Publication to any of these Banks 


Account Name:  Joselito D. Aguid,


Account number: 0095039618 ( Landbank of the Philippines). 




                                        Bank for Scholars in Africa

Account Name: INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS  AND BOOK PUBLICATION ASSOCIATION,  Account Number: 2293177706,  United Bank for Africa, (UBA).

To pay in your currency type either $ 50 or $60 in Google,  the latest conversion rate in your currency or you can equally send us an email for the conversion rate. We can help you in that respect.   After your payment send the evidence of payment to for confirmation.